Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Let's go then


artwork by Tania

     So - in about two hours we are on our way back home. I'm so relieved!:) There is a whole spring waiting for us, and summer and fall too. My beatiful mountains in May - there is nothing more beautiful. Spruce forests, silver river with dancing fish, deer, rabbits, chopping wood at morning, playing cards with my brothers, sitting in front of the fireplace. Fuck city and well paid western jobs, with all those smug people thinking that you are so bloody fortunate to be able to join them in this western "paradise":)
     So then in August the retreat with our spiritual master, Tripurari Swami. We've been waiting for it since last year - all those lectures, long talks with friends, walks in the mountains.
     And then... Camino de Santiago, second edition! In September we are going to walk the Pilgrim's Way again. We were not planning it, but since we did it the first time, it was always in our dreams. So we got some unexpected tax return and we decided to use the money for the trip. Have you heard about that, guys? It's an amazing experience, look it up. Here are some pictures from our first Camino.
     And the the winter - long evenings, twenty below zero, fireplace, reading, writing (maybe I'll manage to finish my book I left unfinished when I came here).
     Let's see what future brings. Thank you all for following me, I wish you all the best, and good bye. Stranger in Copenhagen is going to be stranger somewhere else:)