Monday, 6 February 2012


1. Hello guys. I removed my facebook account. What a relief! Inspired by the first step, I removed my blogs too (there is like 7 of them, or so), but then I realized, I need to leave some connection with the outside world. At least for a while. I try to get back to the simplicity from the times before internet. It's not easy, but I think it can be done. So I revived Stranger and my Polish blog,

2. Inspired by Amalie, tomorrow my wife and me, we are going to buy lot of bird food and we'll try to save some of those small, noisy inhabitants of Copenhagen. The poor creatures are dying by thousands because of this weather. So if you have some extra money and time, please, help them as much as you can, please! It doesn't cost much. In most of the supermarkets you can find those edible balls, you can hang on the trees.

3. Today I have a day off, so I recorded my ukulele cover of this great Bob Dylan's song - Masters of War. Here it is.

See you


  1. 1. Good job quitting facebook. To me that's the social network equivalent of eating at McDonald's (=a world of yuck)
    2. Yay for feeding birds! I'm gonna go tomorrow to with twice as many bags as last time.

  2. Actually the first impetus for quitting facebook also came from you:) I read the tips for leaving facebook, you put on your blog. But probably I would do that anyway sooner or later, I was just so fed up by that blah, blah, blah.
    We will feed birds in the Valby area. Which "bird zone" are you picking?

  3. Hey! yeah i was wondering where you disappeared....

  4. Looks like as soon as some space is left, it's filled again. You've left facebook, and I've just rediscovered it.
    And I guess you've missed my little article on my blog about an Imbolc ceremony at the Stanton Drew stone circles.

    1. sory, it's Mat, just didn't realize my wordpress account would be without a picture

  5. Hej Mat. Sounds like fun!:) Were you true in your heart?;)

    Martyna - thanks. I wasn't expecting that anyone will notice.

  6. Hi Martin,
    Just discovered your blog (Link from Sandra), and have read the blog entries on your current page.
    I like your way of telling your observations!
    I hope you're getting by, and wish you welcome back to our capital. I moved (from Jutland) to Copenhagen in 2005, and feel at home here now; I share Sandra's compassion for the city, which I guess is what also brought you back here :)
    Finally a good rule of thumb I heard: "When you're feeling down or broke, always remember that there are always people worse off than yourself. Cherish what you got."
    PS > Love the ukulele!


  7. Hej Drumstick
    Thanks, man, it was a nice surprise to see these new comments on the stranger, sometimes I'm not sure if anyone reads my stuff:)
    Yes, I came back because of love for this city, but I have to say, it worn off a little, and I don't know what has to happen that I fall in love with it again. It's not about the city - it's still loveble, but I'm just a bit discouraged by the economical struggle for survival - but this is always the case with myself, he, he, I'm just not made for hard work in the unfriendly enviroment:) Anyway, the spring is on its way, things will change.
    Once again - thanks for comments and the visit. Take care.

  8. Awesome post Thanks for sharing

  9. wonderful video I sound Thanks for sharing

  10. Great posts Martin. Psychotherapeutic for me. Thanks for sharing. By reading them I am calming down realising that I am not the only fucked up one. No offence... :) Love your style. And all pictures are very warm, like a glance to a beautiful world of yours.

    In one of your posts you mentioned that you would like to meet someone like you, just more mature, more funny, friendly, more fluent in life. Well I have to say that when I read your posts I feel that I found someone exactly like that. :)

    Great life man. Really appreciate that you have shared.
    Hopefully see you some day somewhere.
    With love

    1. Rytis - this mean so much to me, seriously. Still waiting for that email of yours:)