Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I’m so hippy tonight

The artwork by Tania/Saragrahi

So, what’s up? Has the world turned into a warm feather quilt already? Good people are not dying anymore and the TV series characters have integrity and speak with grace and wisdom? The steel weapons have turned into the wooden toys and the nuclear ones into fireworks waiting for a New Year’s party? Have Christian husbands taken Muslim wives and do they have Universal children who smoke natural dope and make free (not too dirty) love?

Have people stopped eating animals? (c’mon, they must have by now!) And those big, smelly, ugly banks – have they been burned to the ground? And those pimply, sad bankers – have they got a piece of land, each of them, and a plough and a bag of seeds? Those fuckers would be so much happier, and they would make rest of us so relieved, wouldn’t they? What about that poor junkie girl (what’s her name?) who prostitutes herself by the Øksnehallen? Have she met a shaman lover prince who gave her a handful of shrooms and her soul was cured of her Dark Passenger (as Dexter calls it)?

Have the atheists stopped to be so full of themselves and have the believers thrown away the mouldy books and replaced them with love? Have they? Oh, man - and those noisy, happy, red cheeked children – do they go on a sledge ride or swim in a mountain brook, or play hide-and-seek in the grandma’s orchard and don’t give a shit about that evil vampire playstation-slash-xbox-slash-!Pod-bullshit, designed to make another asshole rich and those pretty young beings brainwashed?

Actually not. None of these things have happened. And yet tonight I’m not too sad. I don’t even know why. I guess I believe that the old pretty things haven’t gone away forever, and those hopeful dreams are nor buried for good.
Salud comrades!

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