Sunday, 6 November 2011

Good to be home

The artwork by Tania/Saragrahi

I think I’m getting back. The lights are not blinding-grey and cold anymore, the sounds are softer, smells are yummier, songs are deeper, books speak, instead of coughing empty thoughts, smiles are what they suppose to be – mirrors of soul, not the impersonal grimaces. I don’t feel any longer like a spectator of a long, boring and disturbing play staged in a haunted house. For most of the time, at least, I don't. The last year Tarot readings kept pointing at the Moon and only now I know what they meant.
It was a long, tedious journey and I have to admit it scared a shit out of me (though I appreciate the lessons I learned on the way). It’s good to be myself again, good to be home.

Anyways… It’s a good evening. Tania is drawing Christmas cards already. She gave me a permission to publish the first one – that’s the one you see above. I so love her style; it brings the cosy feelings of security, purity, carelessness, childhood – all that stuff that matters, that brightens up the soul and helps to colour the reality, to paint over its apparent ugliness. I want to share with you more of her stuff, I’ll ask her if I’m allowed:). You will love it, I promise.

Tomorrow back to work, two 12h shifts in a steamy kitchen and then 3 days off. No idea what to do with it. Definitely reading. Also I’m waiting for the delivery of my first ukulele, but probably it wont come this week, so I will just download tons of ukulele tutorials and let myself dream about mastering it:).
Good night, guys.

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