Monday, 14 November 2011

Armageddon tea

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I had an “economical crisis” dream.
It was such a nice dream, seriously. So, in it, the economical crisis had reached its peak and everything crushed – states, tv, internet, radio, army, institutions, international travels, all of it.
Me and Tania, we were caught in a small village I was born in. Basically in one day we were cut off from the rest of the world. At first we were scared, and actually we had a reason: for the first time in our lives we felt completely unprotected, the reality was unpredictable, at first glance even hostile.
But then something changed.
We went to my cousin’s (who is best friend of mine too) house to find out what to do. In the house there was already plenty of people – family, friends, neighbours. Someone opened a bottle of vodka, someone played a guitar, there was food on the table, candles everywhere (the electricity was also gone). Everyone looked bit frightened but also excited, people talked, exchanged news, speculations, words of comfort.
When we came in, everyone cheered, invited us to the table, there were strong hand shakes, hugs, patting on the back.
And then something happened with my mood – I wasn’t afraid any more. I was soooo relived! Why? Because the world I knew was finished. I realized how much I was entangled and tired of its meaningless complexity, complications, dependence, madness. From now on everything was reversed, the world was back to its natural simplicity. No more jobs, banks, new !Pods every six months, destroying the rainforest, new teenage idiotic stars, vampire sagas, anxiety disorders, depressions, political parties, nationalism, fuck it – any “ism” for that matter! It was all gone.
From now on only the things which make sense - cultivating the land, cultivating the self, evening storytelling with a bottle of homemade wine, children, shaping the closest community, closest world.
Wow, you can’t imagine how it felt. Sweet…:)

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