Monday, 3 October 2011

Pieces of her

Pieces of Her

She wanted to fly,
catch the ray of the sun,
but her wings were not fit
for this task.

When she hit the hard ground
she still tried to reach out
but her arms were too broken
to grasp.

Waiting rooms, crying grooms,
No one brings them warm wool blankets,
anxious minds, disappointed with life and drunk,
nothing can fill that dark spot,
so what…

First kiss, first love, first journey, first fist in the sky,
first religion, then second, then none,
filling cosmic space with laughs and yelling and cries,
hoping that someone out there will care.

Autumn sunshine splits trough green glass,
empty room, empty chair, empty soul,
Pieces of her lifted by gentle wind,
maybe in rainbow they meet…

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