Monday, 17 October 2011

On the personal note (overdoing it probably)

So here I go - for the last few months I'm going trough a rough time. Many things contributed to the mess I found myself in - dad's death, moving the country, looking for an apartment, job, health problems, bad shroom trip which scared (scarred) me to death, relationship stuff. All this brought me to a personal crisis I'm only starting to get out of. During this time I was writing and drawing about some of those things, but I kept it to myself. I felt it's too private to share. Here, on the Stranger I published just some drawings, omitting the text they were illustrations to. However lately I'm getting better and maybe because of getting some distance to myself I decided to publish some of the stuff I wrote that time. I seriously hope I haven't become exhibitionistic!:) I think it is just the writer's (or any human's for that matter) need to share.
I wasn't sure how to go about it, but eventually I decided to update the old posts. Before every new text I have added, I placed "update" in red so it is easier to find.

Still I promise - it's not going to be just all serious from now on!:)


  1. It is very candid of you to do this, but like, I think it's important to share if you can. A lot of people will recognize themselves, and be happy they're not alone. So thanks!

  2. Gutsy move, I agree with Jennie that a lot of people will recoginze themselves and feel grateful. I already am.

  3. Thanks guys for that. I connected with someone, mission accomplished ;)

  4. Hey there! Have you found an expat group in your area that you can join? It helps to find other folks in the same proverbial boat as you..

    We have a huge group in Herning that helps take care of each other and I hope you can find one near you in Cph!


  5. Hey Kelli. Thanks for the tip. Well, I know there are some internet expat groups around here, but I didn't know they do anything more then discussing stuff. I have to look into it. Thanks!:)