Sunday, 25 September 2011

A XIX century person

I'm a XIX century person. Seriously. This XXI century nonsense gives me a headache, nothing more.
Just imagine:
- You could calligraph beautiful letters on the paper and send it with a servant on the horse.
- You could believe in ghosts and no one would laugh.
- You could smoke tobacco and not to worry about the lung cancer.
- You could spend a night in an ancient Inn and exchange old tales with fellow travellers.
- You could meet a lady, fall in love, order a painting of her, and then look at it in the evenings by the candle light, drinking amontillado.
- You could speak French.
- You could find out that there is a curse put on you family.
- You could find in an old book the way to counteract that curse.
- In the course of that you could discover that your old servant is actually a spy of a secret society.
Ah, the beautiful, old days!

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