Wednesday, 28 September 2011

That little Indian shop...

The scientists determined:
1. Your eyes get infected first.
2. Then your tongue starts to secrete excessive saliva.
3. You try to control your mind, but you can’t help – you have to enter the shop. And four pieces are bare minimum (sometimes it's 5, 6, may be even 10, if you are suicidal).
4. When devouring, you have to be fast. If your are too slow, you might get nauseous too early and hence not be able to finish your treat.
5. The rapture lasts about 30 – 60 seconds.
6. Then you start to feel queasy. If you are not an idiot, you knew it was going to happen, so you are prepared – bottle of cold water will be of a great help.
7. If you are an idiot (here I am), you don’t have any water (and any change left to buy one), which means you are doomed to suffer sore throat and wooziness for about a half an hour (up to an hour).
8. At this point you know you will never have sugar again. Never.
9. Then you get better. Give yourself a couple of days before walking Vesterbrogade again.

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