Saturday, 24 September 2011

Peculiar but lovely idea

One of my friends posted a link on facebook which inspired me with an idea. The link was about subscribing to surprise gifts sent to you by post every month. Interesting and cute initiative (even if it costs 12 quid per month).
But then it came to me – all the time I’m waiting for something good happening to me, people offering me something – good vibes, love, friendship. And it is always about me getting something – never about giving. So why not to try changing this tendency? Turn the mind around and instead of waiting, make something happening?
The idea is this – Copenhagen is a mine of old, lovely, cheap crap. There are flea markets at every corner. I know lot of lovely people (everyone is lovely deep inside in one or another way:). I’m earning money at last - I'll see my first pay-cheque in a week! I can start sending people small gifts. I know it’s out of blue and it may seem weird to many, but why not? Wouldn’t I be happy to see a postman with a small package for me, with a silly comic book from ‘50s, old fashioned doll with mysterious face expression, circus poster, weird coin, vintage nude postcard, worn out tarot deck, a feather from angel’s wing (even if it’s a goose’s one)? Would I care if it’s odd? Not really. I can attach a small letter to it, written in an old style, sharing few thoughts, events. It can be my rebelion against internetized, impersonal social interactions.
Fuck it, I’m going to do that.


  1. Ah, best idea ever! I don't even have to go the the fleas, having tons of stuff that would make random strangers happy, especially the girls. I almost forgive you for not throwing in a cosy cartoon this time.

  2. Ha, ha, thank you for forgivness!:) I've just decided to mix serious, everyday writing with my cartoons. The truth is that I'm definitely more of a writer then cartoonist, though I haven't write in English enough. The drawing was just new for me and I got enthusiastic about it (still I am), but I want to express more things.
    I think the most difficult thing will be getting real addresses from people:)

  3. Ah, I don't think that will be a problem, it can be exchanged over the mail, you don't have to go public with it. If you decide to branch out and start a movement, I am in.