Sunday, 4 September 2011

Internationale Dage - Taste the World

I went to have a look at the food festival in Rantzausgade. Bit too crowdy and too noisy for me (what a stiff I am!), or I just wasn't in the right mood. I walked couple of times back and forth, stopped for a moment to see the playback performance of dancing (butt shaking) girls, smelled fried fish (dribbling immensly) and eventually I decided that I must be a creature of the night, enjoying silence, subtle emotions and thoughtful conversations, not this tawdry entertainment.
God, I really sound like a stiff, don't I?

* * *

It’s a nice day. The summer decided to stay couple of days longer. I was in work today, but something was not right in the restaurant, so they sent us home. I took some food (chick pea stew and tofu cutlets), bottle of Chardonnay, my sketchbook, notebook, music, and so I went to explore my favourite city.
As always I’m open for the new people. Sitting in the park (graveyard actually) I read a book – spiritual emergency is my main thread lately – drink wine, eat toffee in chocolate and smile to passer-by’s like an idiot.


What’s so extraordinary about this city that makes me to resonate with it so much? Nothing spectacular happened here for me so far, no real friends, love, adventures, anything. And yet everyday when I go to the streets of Copenhagen I feel something magical is about to happen. It never does and yet I feel it strongly. At times it reaches the pick. Few times when I was cycling around listening to music, the experience of something inexpressible was so strong, that I almost cried. Like flying.
There is still this lack of satisfaction, like some very important element is missing, but I have the impression there is nothing to be worried about – it will come.


Ok, let’s get back to the planet Earth.

1. The first week of work behind me. Not easy but it enhances the taste of the free time. I value it much more now.
2. Still drawing and still having fun with it.
3. Funny enough, after few days of hard work in the restaurant my knee stopped to hurt. Maybe the hardcore work is the solution for all my problems? (Just kidding).


  1. Nah, I felt exactly the same. To much being pushed around, and stinky plates all over the place. Not for me. (you should have seen it last year on Nørrebrogade, it was huge and a lot worse)

  2. I don't know how could that get worse:)
    Well, you seem to be around and know what's going on. Let me know when something really interesting will happen, whatever it is (including whitch convents, feminist rallies and UFO spotting).