Sunday, 25 September 2011

Indian Summer in Copenhagen

The sunniest day this fall (and probably this summer as well). Since my camera is the crappiest thing in the world, I decided to over-use photoshop a little. I hope it hasn't come too tacky.

* * *

This is funny - first I saw it on youtube this morning when I looked up the Danish history docummentaries, and then few hours later I stumbled upon this poster. I like those pointless synchronicities.

Der mini-Steppenwolf enjoying a Sunday walk (dammit - from behind my ears are sticking out even more then en face!)

Assistents Kierkegård, view from Nørrebrogade - my favorite graveyard. Not gloomy at all, nice place for a picnic or general chill out.

Ancient Aztec city discovered on Nørrebrogade.

So much light today! The city was suffused with sunshine. At last!

The view from Dronning Louises Bro. Algae look like little islands on the Pacific. Don't they?

Wow! Gods, Sphinx, Cupids, angels, everything...

Copenhagen postcard 1

Copenhagen postcard 2

If you dig deep enough where will it get you? Better stop peeling!

Copenhagen doors (to perception)

The first two on the left are from my town! I'm so proud:)

Neil Gaiman style

* * *

And that's it. It was a nice walk. I wish I could take pictures of people, but I'm too shy to do that. I tried, but then I felt like a stalker. For example this girl was so lovely, but when I was trying to get a shot I could almost hear people thinking - "what a pervert, he takes a photo of her neat bottom!". Too much stress;)

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