Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pioneers of anticipation

Since I've been accused of ambiguity and vagueness, here I go: in 80's there was this space probe sent into cosmos with a message for the rational inhabitants of the Universe other then us - humans (not that we are that rational anyway, but that's not the point). Its name was Pioneer, and this cartoon resembles a part of that message, hence "Pioneers of anticipation" (anticipating some interesting events in their sad life). Since I couldn't come up with any even remotely funny idea, and I have grown very fond of those two little, silly shadows, I've decided to go for it, even if it doesn't make any sense. Still, bear with me, please. There are going to be better days.


  1. Oh, that is hilarious, hahaha. knees start to hurt. :D

  2. It's really bad one:) You've just been nice :P

  3. I would never, haha. I swear I laughed so hard. You have got a perfect sense of humor for Copenhagen, no wonder you like it here.