Sunday, 7 August 2011

Job hunting in Copenhagen


Loser's weekend
It goes like this:

1. Your life centres mostly around the internet activities. And since other people have a life, your activities are not very interactive - clicking Facebook, emails, forums with a frequency which creates a closed loop of clicking. It is completely fruitless and infertile activity.

2. You try to get your housemates to go out for a drink. They agree, showing enthusiasm, but then avoid you, hiding in their rooms, eventually watching a loud movie together without inviting you. You don't really enjoy their happy laughs you hear through the wall.

3. You eat at least every hour. In one day you finish: one jar of peanut butter, one round of cheese, a loaf of bread, bag of potatoes (1kg), two whole leeks (sliced and placed on the cheese), two sneakers and around four sodas.

4. You make a comic strip, put it on internet and when no one comments, you let the dark thoughts about your dorkness and low self-esteem overcome you and bring to a level of a sobbing mess (ok, I wasn't sobbing, I've just said that for the dramatic effect)

5. The highlights of the day - neighbours having very noisy sex by the window oposit to yours. You could actually see a moving piece of someone's leg and hip.

6. Eeee... That's it.

PS. And then you read this blog entry about fifty times, looking for the spelling errors, rephrasing the sentences to make them more intelligent and ironic, thinking how other people will perceive you (will they think that you are funny or maybe they take you for a real loser?).

It's bedtime.

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