Monday, 29 August 2011

Flying dreams

I start to think that I might be dissipointing the people who were counting on "Copenhagen adventures", and instead they get this random crap;)
But this is Hareskov forest, so I'm still in the range.
Anyway, I wont conceal that this blog is my small psychoterapy cave:P

* * *


I love those! Last night in the middle of the dream I realized that I was dreaming. I decided to chill out and have some fun - God knows I needed it - so I spent the whole night flying around. I went to Poland and England. It was so cool. I remember enjoying the freedom and rush of the cool air on my face. I laughed like a madman, twirling in the sky, shooting high, diving low. I knew that in reality I was laying in my bed and I was wandering if I laughed out loud and if so, if I was going to wake up Tania. But I didn't.

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