Saturday, 13 August 2011


Aye, the stormy life! How boring would you be, if everything went smooth...


What’s up on my little, flickering planet? How is the life between the worlds? Have I spotted my lighthouse or I’m still on my own, fighting the destiny on this storm-tossed ship? The icy salty drops freeze on my unshaven cheeks, my hands hang on tightly to the helm, and the laughing waves keep teasing me, throwing angry fish at my face.

I miss childhood. That happy time when I could just take a shelter of dusty, honey-sweet books. I swallowed them in the dark attic, lit only by the caring golden arms of sun reaching through the small windows. Jules Verne and Ray Bradbury, my two best friends, I owe you so much! The world was crashing out there; dad’s drinking, school problems, and stuff, but I didn’t mind – I was pioneering Mars, journeying around the world in 80 days, deciphering the ancient messages telling me how to find a treasure or discover the secrets of the long gone people of Atlantis. Aye!

And I am still that child. Only now I don’t read that much.

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