Sunday, 7 August 2011

After a job interview

What do you do after a job interview which definitely could have gone better? Lay down for a while and think about how everything that happens, happens for a reason :P


As a humanist I tend to go on at length about my thoughts and feelings. When you use too many words, the wit gets lost on the way and people don’t care to read you (not that anyone reads this blog any way). So I found out that itemizing helps me to stay focus.
So here is my day:

1. Job interview – well I didn’t exactly ace it. I’ll be frank: I wasn’t really prepared, but how the hell should I have known that my potential boss is Gordon Ramsay of the vegetarian cuisine?! I felt like an idiot when he asked me what exactly do I put in a mojo sauce or what are the main principles of the raw food (I guess I shouldn’t have said “not being cooked”).

2. Blind date with my paisanos – I found on internet that some of my countryman plan to meet in the park for a drink, and they invite anyone to join. I went there straight after the interview. It was awful. They talked about mortgages, salaries, taxes and even retirement plans! Eventually I pretended that I go to a toilet and run away.
Come on! Where is my tribe? I need to talk to people about things that matter: who we are, how we are changing, what we are looking for, who is God (or is there any?), what is love, where are its boundaries…

3. After escaping the “everyday people”, I rode a bike through Copenhagen. On the way I bought a bottle of Chardonnay (35 dkk), bread (4 dkk) and cheese (10 dkk). Chardonnay is ok, but when you pay 15 dkk for a meal, you might be sure, it will taste like a shit. Still I’m not hungry any more, so that's ok.

4. I am little bit drunk. I sit at my favourite place by the Østerport, by the polar bear.

5. I asked some lonely guy to finish the wine with me. His name is Julian, lovely person, French mate, landscape engineer, having holidays in Denmark. We talked about life, love, God, everything basically. It was really exhilarating.

6. Then I cycled home. Rushing trough the city I listened to a rough reggae and thought about unity. It was really nice. Setting sun, fluffy clouds, people on bikes, dogs on leashes, and I felt that unity, I swear. Even the hot girls in mini skirts felt like a part of me, not just a pretty things to look at.

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